2019 Winner Roger Amende

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Qualifying, Ladder, and Tree Information

Limited to quickest 16 qualifiers. Sportsman Ladder. .400 Pro Tree

Vehicle/Body Rules

Open to all year, make, and model vehicles. All vehicles must be stock bodied and stock appearing. Minimum race weight including driver 3000lbs.

Engine & Drivetrain Rules 

Must have LT1 based engine (Factory LT1 Block). Cylinder heads must retain the factory 23 degree valve angle, Trick Flow 21 degree heads permitted (TFS-30400008-M54). Aftermarket heads and converted small block Chevrolet heads will be permitted if they follow the above guidelines.

Aftermarket EFI PCM, LS1/24x PCM conversions, & Carburetors are allowed with a 100lbs weight penalty.

Gasoline or E85 Only.

Any GM transmission allowed. Torque converters not permitted with manual transmissions and clutch activated automatic transmissions are prohibited. Line locks, trans-brakes and two-steps allowed. Throttle stops, delay boxes, and auto shifters prohibited.

Any automotive rear axle permitted.

No Power adder or power adder equipment allowed on/in vehicle during competition of this class.

Wheels & Tires

Any automotive wheel permitted.  Tires must have a maximum height of 30” and a maximum tread width of 10.5” for bias-ply and radial tires.

During competition passes, all vehicles will be required to weigh after each pass. Vehicles under minimum weight will be disqualified.